Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to Add Photos to Your Blogger Blog Post

Google keeps changing their search engine algorithm, to improve the search page results to include better content. One thing Google prefers in website and blog content is images that enhance an article or message. A blog that contains more than just text will get better search engine ranking. Google encourages you to include photos, video, audio, and other types of relevant content in your blog.

PHOTO ABOVE: Steven Streight at Caterpillar - Edwards facility.

Here's how you can add images to your Blogger blog posts:

(1) Go to Google search. (

(2) Click on Images in the top black navigation bar.

(3) Type in a name, word, or phrase, like "Mark Twain grim".

(4) Hit Enter.

(5) You will see images related to your search terms.

(6) Look for an image you like.

(7) Click on the image you want to use.

(8) When you click on the image, it will appear by itself, with the web page it came from in the background. Ignore the background.

(9) Right click on the image.

(10) A list of options appears.

(11) Left click on Save Image As.

(12) A window will appear. For me it's always Steven Streight > Downloads, prompting me to save the image in my computer's Downloads file, but I don't want to do that. I want to save it in my computer's Pictures file. You do too.

(13) First, however, notice that at the bottom of the window, it says something like:

File name: 100101_mark_twain_grim_ap_605

That name that the photographer assigned to it will be highlighted in blue. Type in something like "Mark Twain  grim" to better identify it.

If you plan on saving more than one photo of Mark Twain looking grim, title this photo "Mark Twain grim 1", and number all subsequent photos "Mark Twain grim 2", and so forth. That way, when you need one of them, they will be easy to find, rather than labeling them "Mark Twain grim", "angry Mark Twain", "photo of Mark Twain looking stern", etc. Keep all your Mark Twain photos titled with "Mark Twain" as the first phrase.

(14) Go over to the left and click on More.

(15) Click on Pictures.

(16) Click on Save.

(17) You have now successfully saved this properly titled image to the Pictures file on your computer hard drive.

(18) Go to Create New Post in Blogger.

(19) In the Compose mode, you'll see little tool icons for Bold, Italic, Text Color, Link, etc. When you hover your cursor on the icons, a phrase will appear, telling you what the tools do.

(20) Click on the image upload tool icon. It's the 3rd icon from the right, looks like a tiny square picture, and it's to the right of the Spell Check icon (ABC on a check mark).

(21) Upload images dialogue box will appear. Click on Center and then click on Large. (In most cases, this will be the best setting. If after you publish your blog post, the image is way too big, you can delete it and re-upload it as Medium or Small.)

(22) Click on Choose File.

(23) You should go right to Pictures on your computer. If not, click More and then Pictures.

(24) Scroll down until you find the image you want to use.

(25) Once you find the image, hover your cursor on it, then a little box will appear in the upper left corner of the image.

(26) Click on the little box in the upper left corner of the image to select it.

(27) Click Open.

(28) Click Upload image.

(29) Your Image Has Been Added will appear after a few moments.

(30) Click on Done.

(31) Your image will appear at the top of your blog post.

(32) Make sure there are two lines of space between the image and the first line of your text, so the image is not jammed up against the text. If you want to give your image a caption, type that in italics right below the first paragraph of your blog post. For example: "PHOTO: Steven Streight at Caterpillar - Edwards facility."

For SEO purposes (driving traffic to your blog), you want the first text statement after the photo to be relevant to your blog post, because it will be used in the snippet for the link to your post that appears in search engine results pages.

(33) After you type in the text you want for this blog post, and you're ready to publish the post, click Publish Post.

If you have any questions, post a comment or email me:

steven [dot] streight [at] gmail [dot] com

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