Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tell Peoria blogger meeting 1

Billy Dennis aka Peoria Pundit held a meeting a Copper River Coffee & Tea on War Memorial today. We discussed blog networks, blog ads, citizen journalism, the Tell Peoria program, Facebook, Twitter, and related issues.

I met some incredible people who are passionate about their realm of expertise, from firefighting (guess which guy is the fireman!) to women entrepreneurs.

Thanks to all for the great time.

Congratulations to Billy Dennis for converting someone.

The firefighter, Ron Howette, Jr. (How It's Done Home Inspections), said when he arrived at the meeting, he didn't even understand what a blog was, but as a result of the meeting, he decided he wanted to blog.

Billy set up a WordPress blog for him on the spot. Way to go!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Str8 Sounds Media Lab active again

Nice weather is here again, but that has nothing to do with the fact that Str8 Sounds Media Lab is out filming art and music events all over the Peoria area, after a long hiatus.

Look out. I may film you, and I cannot be stopped.

Do something that benefits the community, helps struggling artists, promotes local music, or brings people together for noble causes, and you may be recorded for all history, uploaded to YouTube.

People love to watch videos. It makes them feel like they actually know you. They can see how you act, your personality shines through, and your expertise and passion are proven in a memorable, visual manner.

There are relatively obscure venues in Peoria where talented poets, artists, and musicians display their work and perform. I'm approaching these local businesses and arranging to film their events and productions.

One example is the Copper River Coffee & Tea, one of the last remaining locally-owned, non-chain coffee shops in Peoria. They have music artists every Thursday night and display works by local artists, without charging them. He lets them sell their work and keep all the money they make.

If you're doing something like this, let me know.

This is a 3 way win. Your business is promoted, the talent is promoted, and my services and expertise are promoted. Together, we can help each other succeed, prosper, and hopefully make the world a better place.

Contact me today at:

vaspers [at] inbox [dot] com


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Peoria Art Guild EARTH DAY photos

We had a lot of fun at the EARTH DAY 2010 festivities sponsored by the Peoria Art Guild. It included a Community Mural and a concluding Drum Circle ceremony. Videos were made. CDs were distributed. The way the people of Peoria drummed together was quite exhilarating. Thanks to Gary Moore and all the participants for an electrifiying experience.