Thursday, March 17, 2011

12 Tips on Staying Safe in Video Chat Rooms

Young people are connecting in something that's far more intimate than Twitter, blogging, Facebook, Flickr, or texting. They're hooking up via webcam conferencing technology. But video chat rooms can be hangouts for predators. Follow these 12 rules to have fun while staying safe and unharmed.

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i think people are not completely ready for such the kind of social networks as video chat rooms - they require our appearance to be nice, our smile to be on and our problems to be off. sometimes when u want just to communicate but do not want to see a person, u use Twitter, Facebook, Blackberry and so on. But if you are in mood to flirt, chat or laugh out loud - u simply use the video translation on Skype or so. But the most period of time you want to rest, to write and not to talk. So for this reason just chats without your life picture is more suitable.