Saturday, April 28, 2012

22 Buttons Beyond "Like" for Facebook

Facebook's Like button is not enough. We need the ability to express a wide range of reactions. Wouldn't you love to have buttons you could click to warn people about what they're posting, to voice disagreement, or to express emotions other than that namby-pamby Like?

Buttons needed on Facebook include:

(1) Dislike button
(2) Hate button
(3) That's Totally Stupid button
(4) Rogue App button
(5) Get A Life button
(6) Partially Agree button
(7) Vehemently Disagree button
(8) Please Link To Supporting Evidence button
(9) This is a Spammy Game Invite button
(10) No More Cat Photos Please button
(11) Boring Photograph button
(12) Mute Your Drunk Postings button
(13) Employer Surveillance Risk button
(14) Stalker Fodder button
(15) Child Endangerment button
(16) TOS Violation button
(17) This Is a Joke, Right? button
(18) Stop With the Relentless Inspirational Quotes button
(19) Not Office Safe button
(20) Way Too Personal button
(21) Not Interested in Why You Hate Your Boyfriend button
(22) Unintelligent Extremist Viewpoint button

BONUS Buttons:

(23) Vaguebooking Alert button
(24) Political Propaganda Nonsense button
(25) I Know You Won't Tolerate Opposing Views button
(26) Your Employer Won't Like This button
(27) Please Stop Sharing Posts and Say Something Yourself button

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