Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sundown and Shadow photo meditation

Dog of noble mind
and courageous heart.

Inner dog is larger than outer dog.

Two air conditioners
and make that to go please.

Light pools in kitchen.

Blanket dog.

Play is inside. 
Outside is for work.

Shadow dog with autumn leaflets.

Alert. Ever diligent. Squirrel watch.

Deck reflections.

Inner acorn aches to be tree.

Shadow dog on deck.

Deck is watchpost for surveillance dog.

Surveillance dog deck shadow.

 Done for one day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Absurdist Books I Wrote or Am Writing

(IMAGE: new McDonald's  
under construction at University
and War Memorial in Peoria, IL)

(1) Build Your Dream Home for $1.49

(2) How To Succeed at Anything By Doing Nothing At All

(3) Sleep and Get Rich: The More You Sleep, The More Money You Make

(4) Slightly Positive Affirmations: The Timid Auto-suggestion System

(5) I'm Rococo, You're Rococo

(6) 30 Ways to Twist a Paper Clip Into a Radio Antenna

(7) Dream Recording and Playback Systems: A User's Guide

(8) Make Money With Childish Art That Poses As Primitive

(9) Abstract Hyper-maximalism and The School of Insobriety

(10) Be Your Own Mental Butler

(11) I Don't Feel Like Doing That: A Manual for Underachievers

(12) Floppy Disk Microfiche: Brave New World of Data Storage and Retrieval

(13) How To Be Pretty Much Like Everybody Else: A Primer in Strict Conformism

(14) 30 Exciting Games You Can Play with Pillows

(15) We Keep Getting Stranger: A Guide to Asocial Media

(16) Blaming, Bashing, Bewildering: Secrets of Professional Politicking

Monday, October 11, 2010

IT world tries to save federal government

"The federal government must move quickly to embrace the innovative methods and technologies that help drive productivity increases -- and cost decreases -- in the private sector. The alternative is to remain mired in deficit and recession, choking U.S. competitiveness and stifling the fundamental driver of our country’s growth and greatness, American society itself."

So concludes the Technology CEO Council "1 Trillion Reasons" report. The Technology CEO Council is "the information technology industry's public policy advocacy organization comprising chief executive officers from America's leading information technology companies", as stated on their website.

The Dell Palmisano Manifesto has arisen to challenge the administration to do what's right, smart, and urgently needed.


Consolidating the government’s myriad supply chains is likely to save $500 billion. And applying advanced analytics to reduce fraud and error in federal grants, food stamps, Medicare payments, tax refunds and other programs could save an estimated $200 billion by making these programs more adaptive, responsive and even predictive.

This is not just theory. We’ve seen both the cost savings and the innovation that these approaches can unleash — in both the public and the private sectors.


It's the Information Technology world's ultimatum to the federal government. The gist? Get your act together technologically, or perish.

The message: Government is old fashioned, trapped in outdated, easily compromised computer networks that need to be hardened. Now.

I can read between the lines. It's not just criminal fraud that's the problem. Government systems need to be upgraded and reinforced due to the cyberwar that Chinese and Iranian hackers are inflicting upon our critical utilities, military, and security operations.

As a member of the IT community, I applaud Dell and IBM for having the guts to boldly declare what needs to be done, immediately, to protect federal funds, taxpayer money, from abuse and impropriety.

But does the government, the least intelligent institution of human society, care about fraud? Is the government itself a clever hoax, a delirious delusion, a miserable throwback to hierarchical dysfunction that preceded humanity declaring itself a collaboration of equals?

Exposing systems fraud in an institution could backfire. Ruling elites are rarely humble and want everybody to think they themselves have all the answers. Outside help, from the private sector, is often insulted and ignored.

Especially if sleazy inside dealings are rampant and being carefully protected.

That is -- if foxes are guarding the hen house, a hen-house inspector specializing in fox eradication will not be a welcome guest.

If the current administration rejects this offer of FREE detective and corrective work, and will not yield to public pressures to accept it, we have all the evidence we need as to the quality and nature of the installed potentates.

Read the entire proposal: "Washington Can Save $1 Trillion" by SAMUEL J. PALMISANO & MICHAEL DELL at Politico 10/6/10 4:30 AM EDT

Thursday, October 7, 2010

ReverbNation Band Art Pt. 1

The ReverbNation music artist community is really friendly, encouraging, and open-minded. It's time to honor some of these bands that I like, and my focus will be on their art.

Slick, exciting, glossy art for bands means one thing: over-produced, over-hyped generic music. Predictable. Boring.

Far better is pseudo-amateur, abstract-catastrophic art. It's got that classic sub-Artforum unpretentious, unassuming aura. It signifies creative nonchalance and the measured outpouring of clinical exuberance.

Here are some of my favorites...with a follow-up post, Pt. 2, coming soon.

"Tears of Summer"

"Liquid Music"

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photos freeze a moment

Photos freeze a moment.

What was there,
what you see,
is not there anymore
in that exact way.