Monday, June 30, 2008

creative Twitter bios (Part 1)

A few years ago, in 2005, I did a post called Blog Taglines Experiment, which got the attention of BusinessWeek. It was a study of the slogans that bloggers wrote, generally located directly under or to the side of their blog title.

Now let's examine some interesting, funny, and brilliant Twitter bios -- that micro-content that Twitter users put in their sidebar as a brief description of who they think they are.

NOTE: Some have embedded URLs of their website or blog in their bios. Others use a blog tagline that has become legendary, and in good branding, do not change it. Then there are A Listers or industry giants who use the most silly thing they can think of, which I interpret as being humble and funny.

I think you'll love the sheer genius and goofiness, or modest professional brevity, of the Twitter community.

(1) monstro (Lane Becker) -- The person who inspired this study!

i disagree with everything you just said.

(2) Michael Arrington

Making the World a More Ajaxy Place

(3) Eve11 (Evelyn Rodriguez)

numinous poet myth maker fairytale fan dreamweaver art addict storydweller imaginatrix skipping to global Renaissance & golden age

(4) Chris Webb

Associate Publisher, John Wiley & Sons EMEA (UK) - Banging my head against a wall of old media

(5) NewMediaJim (Jim Long)

new media soul trapped in an old media body

(6) Scobleizer (Robert Scoble)

Tech geek blogger @

(7) Jeffrey Zeldman

invented fire

(8) Gaping Void (Hugh McLeod)

"cartoons drawn on the back of business cards"

(9) SpaceyG (Grayson)

Born to blog

(10) Creative Sage (Cathryn Hrudika)

Creative Sage™ lives a passionate personal mission to cause the spontaneous combustion of creativity, innovation, and compassionate intelligence everywhere.

(11) Jeremiah Owyang

Currently employed as Senior Analyst, Social Computing, Forrester Research | How I use Twitter

(12) Richard at DELL

member of Dell's digital media team

(13) Paul Walsh

The Irish Opportunist - Chair, British Interactive Media Association. Founder/CEO, Segala. Founder/CEO, wubud. Partner, Jaipur Restaurants.

(14) Chris Heur

Social Media Club Founder, Market Conversations, New Marketing, Speaker, Social Media

(15) Charlene Li

Forrester analyst

(16) Ariel Waldman

(17) Ev (Evan Williams)

Co-founder and CPO of Twitter

(18) Queen of Spain (
Erin Kotecki Vest)

Queenofspainblog, BlogHer, HuffPo, MOMocrats

(19) jiconoclast (Patrick Thornton)

Journalist. Web developer. Blogger. Technology evangelist. Community builder. Knowledge seeker.

(20) abiteofsanity (Bryce Moore)

I'm a realistic idealist too often thinking in song lyrics while handling attack-trained OS X icons.

(21) jdasilva

Aspiring political journalist in a love affair with the internet.

(22) Chris Brogan

Social media type, but love the emerging enterprise tech space, too.

(23) DaveWiner

media hacker

(24) dweinberger (David Weinberger)

I am fewer than 160 characters

(25) MrUgly

College student, writer, dreamer

(26) PaulCarr

I'm a writer. With all the baggage that entails.

(27) jspepper (Jeremy Pepper)

Taking your lunch. Eating your cookies. PR Generalist.


Chris Heuer said...

Until the launch of Twellow and my need to embrace TSO (twitter search optimization) I liked my old bio better

"there is no box, the mind is the only limitation"

but wanting to make sure people find me, had to go the keyword route...

BTW - I agree, I like Lane's approach too

queenofspain said...

Suddenly am feeling very uncreative in my bio

steven edward streight said...

@Queen of Spain - I just wish I actually could improve my Twitter settings, like my bio, but I can't. Twitter needs to fix problems, instead of ignoring users.

I get a stupid error message about "email must not already be in use" when I try to change anything in my settings. I've posted the problem, and others, on Get Satisfaction and I've contacted actual Twitter developers on Twitter: no luck.