Monday, June 30, 2008

creative Twitter bios (Part 1)

A few years ago, in 2005, I did a post called Blog Taglines Experiment, which got the attention of BusinessWeek. It was a study of the slogans that bloggers wrote, generally located directly under or to the side of their blog title.

Now let's examine some interesting, funny, and brilliant Twitter bios -- that micro-content that Twitter users put in their sidebar as a brief description of who they think they are.

NOTE: Some have embedded URLs of their website or blog in their bios. Others use a blog tagline that has become legendary, and in good branding, do not change it. Then there are A Listers or industry giants who use the most silly thing they can think of, which I interpret as being humble and funny.

I think you'll love the sheer genius and goofiness, or modest professional brevity, of the Twitter community.

(1) monstro (Lane Becker) -- The person who inspired this study!

i disagree with everything you just said.

(2) Michael Arrington

Making the World a More Ajaxy Place

(3) Eve11 (Evelyn Rodriguez)

numinous poet myth maker fairytale fan dreamweaver art addict storydweller imaginatrix skipping to global Renaissance & golden age

(4) Chris Webb

Associate Publisher, John Wiley & Sons EMEA (UK) - Banging my head against a wall of old media

(5) NewMediaJim (Jim Long)

new media soul trapped in an old media body

(6) Scobleizer (Robert Scoble)

Tech geek blogger @

(7) Jeffrey Zeldman

invented fire

(8) Gaping Void (Hugh McLeod)

"cartoons drawn on the back of business cards"

(9) SpaceyG (Grayson)

Born to blog

(10) Creative Sage (Cathryn Hrudika)

Creative Sage™ lives a passionate personal mission to cause the spontaneous combustion of creativity, innovation, and compassionate intelligence everywhere.

(11) Jeremiah Owyang

Currently employed as Senior Analyst, Social Computing, Forrester Research | How I use Twitter

(12) Richard at DELL

member of Dell's digital media team

(13) Paul Walsh

The Irish Opportunist - Chair, British Interactive Media Association. Founder/CEO, Segala. Founder/CEO, wubud. Partner, Jaipur Restaurants.

(14) Chris Heur

Social Media Club Founder, Market Conversations, New Marketing, Speaker, Social Media

(15) Charlene Li

Forrester analyst

(16) Ariel Waldman

(17) Ev (Evan Williams)

Co-founder and CPO of Twitter

(18) Queen of Spain (
Erin Kotecki Vest)

Queenofspainblog, BlogHer, HuffPo, MOMocrats

(19) jiconoclast (Patrick Thornton)

Journalist. Web developer. Blogger. Technology evangelist. Community builder. Knowledge seeker.

(20) abiteofsanity (Bryce Moore)

I'm a realistic idealist too often thinking in song lyrics while handling attack-trained OS X icons.

(21) jdasilva

Aspiring political journalist in a love affair with the internet.

(22) Chris Brogan

Social media type, but love the emerging enterprise tech space, too.

(23) DaveWiner

media hacker

(24) dweinberger (David Weinberger)

I am fewer than 160 characters

(25) MrUgly

College student, writer, dreamer

(26) PaulCarr

I'm a writer. With all the baggage that entails.

(27) jspepper (Jeremy Pepper)

Taking your lunch. Eating your cookies. PR Generalist.


Okay, that's it for now. Part 2 coming tonight or tomorrow. DM or @ me at Twitter if you want to be included in this study.


Chris Heuer said...

Until the launch of Twellow and my need to embrace TSO (twitter search optimization) I liked my old bio better

"there is no box, the mind is the only limitation"

but wanting to make sure people find me, had to go the keyword route...

BTW - I agree, I like Lane's approach too

queenofspain said...

Suddenly am feeling very uncreative in my bio

steven edward streight said...

@Queen of Spain - I just wish I actually could improve my Twitter settings, like my bio, but I can't. Twitter needs to fix problems, instead of ignoring users.

I get a stupid error message about "email must not already be in use" when I try to change anything in my settings. I've posted the problem, and others, on Get Satisfaction and I've contacted actual Twitter developers on Twitter: no luck.