Thursday, July 3, 2008

Amanda Chapel anti-blogosphere team troll

It's not a "she", it's a "he". Or better: it's a "them".

Started, according to reputable blog reports, by Brian Connolly, a failed PR hack, some folks have been tricked into thinking a sexy North Korean vixen is the "real" Strumpette (title of the fake blog they operate).

Did "Amanda" begin as "Abbie Baffing"?

Amanda Chapel, the F word slinging toilet of vulgar flaming, is a team troll. Since many have been confused as to the true purpose and identity of this amateur attack squad, I shall set the evidence before you.

Then, when anyone is duped by "her" sultry ways, you can simply give them a link to this post, and the scales will fall from their eyes. Behold: a team troll who hate PR firms, democracy, and the blogosphere.

This post will attempt to summarize and link to the many exposes of the Amanda Chapel phenomenon. The Amanda Chapel hoax is a great example of envy, hostility, and internet cowardice.

They anonymously use blogs and attack bloggers and Twitter users.

It's similar to a person who says they hate alcoholism -- then spends all day and night sitting in a bar, drinking booze, and complaining about alcoholics.

In keeping with the amateurish book Cult of the Amateur by their buddy Andrew Keen, they hate the web. They despise people who are smarter than them. They fear those who make money from blogs, social media, and Web 2.0 Notice how they loathe Of the People, By the People, For the People.

The Amanda Chapel team troll loves:

* the F word and other immature vulgarities

* old fashioned Luddite ideology

* Web 1.0 (ecommerce sites that you just stare at and buy things from: no interactivity or conversations or input from customers)

* pretending to be wealthy (but actually eats in Chicago soup kitchens)

* command and control

* corporate domination systems

* opera

* Business As Usual

* Enronish, Ameriquesty corporate arrogance and exploits

* one-way propaganda machines

* unilateral communications with no audience feedback

* hierarchy

* oligarchy

* mainstream media (MSM) like Dan Rather

The Amanda Chapel team troll hates:

* getting kicked off Facebook for being an anonymous troll

* being called Brian Connolly, who is the mastermind of the team

* social media

* bloggers

* Twitter users

* A Listers

* those who are richer, smarter, more successful

* those who make money with blogs

* those who make money with online marketing & consulting

* those who have blogs full of marketing insights they don't understand and can't implement

* the level playing field of web communications

* conversations enabled by the web

* conversational marketing that makes companies more approachable and human

* freedom of expression

* independent thought

* Web technology

* Web 2.0 (i.e. interactivity in websites)

* anything that doesn't fit into the cave they live in

It's sad that a bunch of unemployed guys in Chicago are so cowardly, they have to launch their attacks behind a female North Korean avatar. Did they invest a few dollars in a Web 2.0 company back in 2004, and lost their shirts? One wonders.

Their latest tactic on Twitter, July 2008, is to call the blogosphere "Nazi".

These childish fits betrays the amateur nature of some poor losers who probably take turns on the computer at the local library in between visits to the soup kitchen. Yet they claim to "have big bucks" to cover for their obvious poverty and lack of intelligence.

While some have accused the Amanda Chapel team troll of issuing death threats, threatening lawsuits, and trying to get people fired for daring to expose them, don't worry.

Here's the evidence that these sissy males are unemployed themselves: they're able to spend all day, every day, posting Twitter messages, blog posts, and comments on other people's blogs. What employed professional has time to do all that?

For a great reference on what a troll is and how the many varieties of trolls operate, check out The Matrix Online Troll Guide: The Return.

And now, what you've all been waiting for!

The "Amanda Chapel"
Team Troll Files

Here are some links on the topic of the Amanda Chapel hoax, for your research delight. "We won't get fooled again!":

"Why Brian...what a nice figure you have" by Mike Krempasky.

"How to protect your project, your company -- and yourself -- from unwarranted IP attacks" by Jem Matzen ( explains how Brian Connolly tried to sue Mambo, but failed because, being an old-fashioned, anti-technology Luddite, he didn't understand open source software.

"The Worst of PR and WOM and All in One Post" by Robert French.

"Amanda's back story reveals ugly character..." by Robert French.

"April Fools Joke Gone Awry?" by Jeremy Pepper

"Brian Connolly Furthemore" by Canuckflack

"Fake Breasts" by Jeff Jarvis.

Stock photo source of the "Amanda Chapel" female image

"The Strumpette Amanda Chapel Brian Connolly Affair" by Mike's Points

"Brian Connolly Continued" by Scott Baradell of MediaOrchard

"When edgy turns into self-satire" (email exchanges) by James Robertson

"Anonymous Veteran PR Exec Uses Bazooka on Entry Level PR Blogger" by Eric Eggertson

"I was contacted by uneducated infamous Brian Connnolly of Strumpette" by Patrick Algrim

"Curiouser and Curiouser" by Robert French.

"Strumpette an ‘Anonymous Coward’ or PR Muckraker?" by Mark Glaser (MediaShift)

"Strumpettes's Amanda calls it quits" by CommonSensePR

"Tale of whoa" by Doc Searls.

"What is fair use?" by Gregory Kohs of Inside Market Research

"Who is Strumpette?" by the Washington Post

"Strumpette has thin skin" by Joseph Thornley

"Scoop" (re: Brian Connolly pretending to be Amanda Chapel/Strumpette)

"Amanda Chapel seriously injured in car crash" by Joel at Hyde Park Associates

"Amanda crash is a hoax" by Shel Israel.

"Amanda Chapel is a racist" by Disordered Thought Processes

(The Amanda hoax refers to me as "vapors" as a slur on "vaspers the grate" my old nickname)

A typical Twitter message from the Amanda Chapel troll to "vapors" (ie, vaspers the grate)

Another typical Twitter message from Amanda Chapel, attacking Mack Collier

Twitter message from Amanda Chapel attacking Chris Cree

typical Amanda Chapel Twitter message attacking Web 2.0

"I'm being stalked by Amanda Chapel" by Stowe Boyd.

"La Strump banned from BetterComms Towers" by Lee Hopkins.


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Good collection of links, Steven. Thanks for bringing them all in one place for us.

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Underbritches? This is an imaginary "female", even less than a plastic doll, this is poof! non-exist. Just like them guys' expertise in PR. It ain't happening.