Sunday, July 19, 2009

12 Twitter Secrets

(1) Nobody cares what airport you're at, except burglars.

(2) Inspirational quotes relentlessly tweeted are just plain annoying.

(3) Any Twitter bio with MLM, SEO, Guru, Investments, or Social Media Marketing is generally to be considered and exposed as a spammer or con artist.

(4) Social media marketing experts always explain how to do business the old way (hype and hard sell), rather than provide real value, insights, information, tips, links, and customer service to Twitter community members. (Altruism trumps capitalism on social networks.)

(5) We are not sitting ducks, waiting for companies to sell us shit. We're here to interact, share, joke, complain, recommend, debunk, amuse, question, explain, debate, compliment, inform, update, flirt, and encourage.

(6) On Twitter, you find out just how boring, stupid and self-obsessed celebrities and A Listers are.

(7) Nobody cares what you had for lunch today.

(8) It's not necessary to say "Good morning" and "Good night" -- this is not summer camp.

(9) Since a DM worded "thanks for following me, check out my ______ web site" is standard spammer talk, instead say something specific like "I value your insights on gardening and music" when you want to greet a new Follower.

(10) To foil the Twitter filters that prevent your Followers from seeing your tweets to those they don't Follow, do a prep tweet "Conversing with and suggest you Follow" to let your Followers know who you're interacting with. That URL will be a link they can click to visit that Twitter user they don't yet Follow.

(11) It's not cool to explain Twitter to businesses or individuals, the merely curious, the cynics and neanderthals. Let them join Twitter, jump into the rushing river of brevities, and figure it out on their own. Most of your sincere explanations will fall on deaf ears, and they'll think you're weird.

(12) Newbies on Twitter turn to the Twitter Fan Wiki

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