Sunday, May 24, 2009

12 power zones of art

1. Art is non-competitive.

2. Art comes forth with no goal, no plan, no idea.

3. Art is an energy that manifests itself as inner compulsions and external works. Most artwork is discarded by the artist.

4. Bringing forth the work is the only purpose of art, but the work is the final stage of art, the waste product of the inner urge.

5. The moment the work is done, art moves on to other issues, caring nothing about results or effects.

6. Art is not trying to be immortal, understood, or successful.

7. Art is the urge to try new things, then the discipline to perpetually perfect what you're doing.

8. Art is the enemy of mediocrity, celebrity, utility, and productivity.

9. Art is boredom with what already exists and obsession with what does not exist.

10. Mimesis is the antithesis of art, for art is opposed to replication, imitation, tradition.

11. Art history preserves traditions about art, not art itself.

12. Art adds newness and revolt to the universe, which is weary of sameness and stability.

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