Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peoria Underground Music compilation CD

A new Peoria Underground music compilation CD, sponsored by Sludge Farm Records, is now accepting submissions.


* All genres accepted.

* Peoria area/Central Illinois bands are invited to participate.

* CD will initially be distributed FREE via Coop Records, Barnes & Noble, Eamon Patricks, and other fine local establishments.

* Primary distribution will be conducted at a CD release party at Kingsway East: cover charge will be $3.00 per person, the CD will be given to each attendee.

* FREE CD will include money-saving coupons for local businesses, lyric sheets, and other goodies.

* Each band appearing on the CD will receive 20 copies of the CD to sell or distribute free.

* We ask each band to submit 2 songs for review.

How To Submit Your Entries

1. Post a comment here, or email:

vaspers [at] inbox [dot] com

2. Provide a link to where your mp3s are hosted on the web (e.g., GarageBand, Last.fm, SoundClick, Pure Volume).

3. If you have no mp3s, you may submit a home made CD-R, and we'll convert your tracks to mp3.

4. If you have mp3s, but not hosted on the web, we suggest starting a FREE mp3 hosting account at:


Probably the hardest part of this project is coming up with a title. For now, we're callin it simply "Peoria Underground Music". Perhaps you can think of a better title. Please feel free to suggest a title. If we choose your title, we'll give you credit for it. (No half titles, please!)

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