Friday, November 6, 2009

The Heart of Violence is Within You

Americans are hypocrites. They act all shocked and sad when they hear of serial killers, school shootings, Jihad terrorist acts, and other violence. Then they return with glee to violent video games and slasher films.

But it's vicarious violence, these games and movies.

Vicarious means: using, in your imagination, others as surrogates. You watch other people or you pretend to be someone else. You put yourself, consciously or unconsciously, in the place of the villain and/or the victim.

As vengeful sadist, you thrill in watching others suffer. As guilt-ridden masochist, you delight in getting the punishment you feel you deserve. You do it through others or via an alter ego.

You may switch from inflicter of pain to recipient of punishment, back and forth, or you may settle on being one or the other. One thing's for sure. If there was a technology that you had to hook up to, as you watched slasher films or played video games, that would make you actually feel the pain you inflict on others, or watch others inflict, you would not engage in vicarious violence.

Since violent video games and slasher films do not have mandatory "pain feedback" apparatus, forcing you to experience the violence you vicariously enjoy, you think you get away with it.

You don't. You attract violence to yourself as you vicariously engage in it. You unleash karmic forces against your safety and life.


"The Heart of Violence is Within You" at OpenSalon

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