Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm guest blogging at Naturally Yours

I'm currently guest (not ghost) blogging at my client's blog, Naturally Yours. Guest blogging means you, in your own name, contribute articles to a blog. Ghost blogging, which violates the core blogospheric value of transparency, is writing in the name of someone else, pretending to be that person. In other words, people think Mr. Caliber, Owner of Caliber Chocolates, is blogging, but the posts are being written by some other person.

Why is Ghost Blogging wrong? Because the whole point of corporate blogging is to put a warm, approachable, human face on a business. People want to read, and interact with, real communications from the representative of a company. They want to trust that what the blog says is coming directly from the CEO or Owner or whoever is chosen to do the blogging.

If you want to see a blog I designed, check it out. Be sure to notice the Recent Visitors map. People from all over the world are attracted to this blog, thanks to the former chief blogger Matt Kowal.

My first 3 posts are:

"Be Nice to Your Heart"

"People On Twitter Who Discuss Organic Foods"

"Have a Healthy Lunch at Naturally Yours".

The Naturally Yours blog is sponsored by a local organic grocery and health food store, where I buy all my herbal teas and natural remedies.

If you're interested in how a real Social Media Specialist can add content, in the form of sales-oriented and customer-centric posts, to a business blog, watch what I do on this one. You can apply the same basic principles to any commerce-oriented blog.

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