Sunday, February 14, 2010

Imgur makes photo sharing easy

Talk about web usability!

Imgur, the super popular image sharing site, is very easy, quick, and simple to use. The interface is uncluttered, and the coding makes it incredibly flexible.

For example, I browsed my Pictures on my computer, selected several at a time, and uploaded them in a flash. Then I grouped them into an album initially titled "All Your Vaspers Is Belong To Us". The URL to this album included the title.

But I decided to change the album title to "All Your Vaspers Are Belong To Us", substituting "are" for "is". This is based on the well known geek meme, the phrase "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" is a line in some old Japanese video game, meaning "we've captured all your military bases", but translated awkwardly.

When I edited the album title, the URL also changed, now using the new title, instead of the old title. This was unexpected, for usually, once a URL is assigned to a set of data, it cannot change.

Try out Imgur for yourself. Check out the cool photos people are uploading. Imgur may be the YouTube of images, and, like YouTube, it's getting criticism for indiscriminate file scraping, i.e., people "stealing" images for which they don't own the copyright.

Interview with the creator, designer, and coder of Imgur: "Meet Alan Schaaf".

Click on image below to see "All Your Vaspers Are Belong To Us" photo album.

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