Monday, February 28, 2011

Musical Instrument Sales Videos

Emu Emulator II Sound Library Demo by JMP Synth

This video selling the Emu Emulator II synthesizer shows only the musical instrument spinning around, as music comes out of it.

This is one of the best ways to market a musical instrument, and many other products: show it in action, doing something valuable, with no loud mouthed sales pitches or paid revues by alleged experts.

Everybody Be Quiet Now and Let the Product Do Its Thing is how one could describe this style of marketing. It can be provocative and productive. Consider how you could implement this Silent Salesman approach in your field of business or art.

It would only seem obvious that a video that's trying to sell a musical instrument, especially an electronic musical instrument, could feature the instrument playing itself, or seeming to do so, with no human or machine intervention, wailing away like a drunken banshee or a nomadic ascetic, so all you care about, all you see and hear, is the instrument and the music it produces.

Let the musician imagine himself or herself behind the musical instrument, replacing the vacuum created by the absence of human presence. Watch the sounds occur with no pressing of keys, no sliding levers, no knobs twirling, no hands-on experience. It as though the music came from deep within the unit, from its soul, radiating through the physical shell,

Remove the bungling human world and let it revolve around itself for a while, in the meantime, the product steps forward, untethered, non-aligned, simply performing what it does best, solving a problem or generating a desired result, meeting a need or creating a demand, all by itself, autonomous, contracting a deal between itself and the customer, with no fake customer seen enjoying it, who is just a trained actor who pretends to like something because he's being paid to act this way, a glaringly, almost blindingly empty spot, a non-presence with a powerful magnetism that lures you into substituting yourself for the vacancy -- nearly effortlessly churning out the desired result that comes from this union of man and machine.

Emu Emulator II Demo - Part 2

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