Thursday, March 3, 2011

Str8 Sounds atomic outpourings: random prelude VIDEO

You must listen to this "Random Prelude" at least 5 times to appreciate how complex and blissful it is. Fortunately, clocking in at only 45 seconds in duration, this command is easy to comply with. So let's get started, shall we?

This brief sample is the result of an unintended malfunction in my video editing software, probably based on user error, so that only a tiny portion of the live recording was rendered in .mp4 format, leaving the bulk of the performance video behind, to surface later.

Randomly glitch-selected excerpt serving as an asynchronous prelude to "Atomic Outpourings #1" live synthesizer jam session. Recorded March 2, 2011 at UFObic Studios, Peoria, IL in association with the Str8 Sounds Media Lab.

Full performance session below.

Str8 Sounds "Atomic Outpourings #1: Full Session"

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