Thursday, April 14, 2011

Animated Social Media Video Commercials

"Betty and Melinda Go To Naturally Yours Grocery"

Animated social media video commercials are a new way to get your message across.

People like cartoons. They're attracted to new ideas in animation, and you can tell a story, illustrate a principle, share some insight, and hammer away at your benefits or slogan, while entertaining.

Micro content works well in video. You don't have to use boring interviews or rambling monologues to sell your products or present your expertise. Animated characters can be a fun and innovative way to connect with customers and clients.

XtraNormal provides animation tools within a rich social media environment. These animations are geared to sharing, linking, and embedding in blogs and social networks.

Here are two examples of using animated social media video commercials to promote local business.

"Survival Food Supply"

"Miss Hendrix Gets Ghantous: Get Ghantous 2"

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