Saturday, July 23, 2011

QR code promo 1 for Naturally Yours Grocery

The poster above, containing a QR (quick response) code, is the first QR code in-store promotion designed for my client Naturally Yours Grocery. The customer just scans the QR code image with the bar code scanner of their mobile device or smart phone, which will then display a discount coupon.

I will change the poster each week, on Saturdays, with a different QR code, which will link to a different discount coupon.

The poster is printed out, then laminated to make it stiff, and displayed prominently in the store. I think I'll place it near the cash registers at the front of the store.

The purpose of this is to (1) save the customer money (2) demonstrate that the store is using new technology (3) acknowledge the increasing usage of mobile computing devices and smart phones (4) make shopping a little more fun.

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