Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Glass Half Full or Half Empty or

How Would You Describe a Glass Containing Water Up to the Midway Level?

(1) half full (said the optimist)

(2) half empty (said the pessimist)

(3) twice as big as it needs to be (said the engineer)

(4) too far for me to reach it (said the cynic)

(5) full of irrelevance (said the drowning man)

(6) full of pollution (said the paranoid)

(7) a new source of tax revenue (said the socialist)

(8) a profit opportunity (said the capitalist)

(9) a free drink anyone can claim (said the anarchist)

(10) poor customer service (said the consumer advocate)

(11) since it's on our table, it's something to which we can affix a hidden surcharge (said the bank)

(12) the property of The Proletariat, which the Party shall now confiscate (said the Communist)

(13) another random event generated by chance operations (said the atheist)

(14) something to give to the thirsty poor (said the Christian)

(15) a manifestation of nirvana and result of molecular karma (said the Buddhist)

(16) full -- 50% water and 50% air (said the pragmatist)

(17) a dream come true (said the cotton-mouthed pot smoker)

(18) it should be beer (said the guy in the pub) [Contributed by +Matthew Wilkinson ]

(19) not my fault (said the politician)

(20) pretty (said the artist) [Contributed by +John Lewis ]

(21) a rip-off (said the accountant)

(22) assault (said the lawyer)

(23) the exact right amount of water for my needs (said the diplomat)

(24) part of my hush-money golden parachute? (asked the CEO)


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