Thursday, January 24, 2013

$1 Million Luvaglio Laptop Computer?

Since I bought a new Asus Windows 7 Pro notebook computer today, I started wondering what was the most expensive laptop available.

At the BestBuy website, a Lenovo - 15.6" ThinkPad Notebook - 16 GB Memory - 500 GB Hard Drive at about $3,000 appears to be the priciest.

How about the most expensive laptop in the whole world?

Luvaglio is the mythical $1 million laptop. 

I say "mythical" because it seems to be a hoax or perhaps a scam. 

The websites discussing it are poorly written, with loads of grammatical mistakes, like a sloppy spam site. Reviewers since about 2007 have been talking about it, nobody seems to have actually seen or used one, and the manufacturer in England is reclusive and nearly impossible to reach.

For example, check out this awkwardly composed description of the Luvaglio $1 million laptop.

(NOTE: I will not link to any of the sites that mention this laptop, as they may be malicious and harmful to your computer. It's odd that searching the keyphrase "most expensive laptop computers" on Google turns up tons of junk websites, most of which I refuse to even visit. I am not sure why this is so.)


Luvaglio is the top one expensive laptop in 2012. The actual cost of this laptop is approximately $1 million. The outer structural body of the laptop is quite impressive and gorgeous and this designing surely made it the costly ones as well.

Now after viewing the value you would might be thinking that what so special about this laptop? Well this laptop is covered with an LED screen that is 17 inches long. It is filled with such a reflexive system that makes the images even brighter and glowing. It has capacity of storing up to 128 GB items and applications it.

On the power button a diamond has been placed that can also be utilized as for the security purposes as well. This facility makes this laptop as the most desirable and yet the favorite ones among the people.


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