Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Remote Working is Vastly Better Than Office Working

Working remotely is an incredibly powerful and positive thing, despite what Yahoo and Apple claim.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has decreed that Yahoo will no longer tolerate remote working. She demands that people relocate to the physical facility, or quit.

This decision by Marissa Mayer makes no sense. I wish I knew her real reasons for stopping remote work. I don't see how forcing people to work in a stuffy physical facility has any positive impact on productivity, creativity, or morale.

Being chained to an office in a physical location, with all that office interaction nonsense, can stifle creativity, mental intensity, and independent thinking..


It's good to have face to face meetings occasionally, and collaborate in physical proximity to other people -- but demanding all employees to huddle together in a building is so 1950s. 

It's ridiculous and unnecessary, at least when it comes to most types of IT, SEO, advertising, marketing, research, computer, and other technology and intellectual/artistic work.

I vastly prefer to work at home. I've had the luxury of working from my home office for the past several years and while I might consider accepting a 9 to 5 full-time job, it would have to pay me a lot of money to compensate for the many benefits of working at home.

Working at home is, for me and many other information workers, the best way to work.

No distractions.

No phone conversations overheard..

No phones ringing.

No lunch deliveries.

No laughing and joking in other cubicles.

No "look at these new photos of my child" interruptions.

No boring and trivial personal conversations.

No office politics.

No sexual harassment.

No birthday parties or other wastes of time.

No need to schmooze with anybody.

No need to abandon comfortable sweat pants and tee shirts, to get all dressed up in uncomfortable office attire.

No need to work only from 9 AM to 5 PM, then stop.

When working from home, you can get up at 12 noon, then work all the way to 3 AM the next morning, if need be.

In offices, you have to regiment yourself to a set schedule of work hours. Sometimes you're not allowed to work overtime or come in early.

You have so much freedom and concentration when working at home, it seems like your thought processes are more liberated and more intensely focused.

The Verge office: editorial staff.
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In their blindness they’re reaching for the lowest form of control a manager can assert: Ensuring butts in seats for eight hours between 9 am-5 pm.

Though while they can make people come to the office under the threat of termination, they most certainly cannot make those same people motivated to do great work."

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"We use Basecamp to keep track of our projects, Campfire as the virtual water cooler, Skype for calls and screensharing, and iChat and email to top it off.

None of it is fancy, expensive, or hard to use. Everything we do to manage a business consisting mainly of remote employees is something anyone else could do too.

There’s so much untapped tech talent that does not live near your office, but would work for you if you allowed them to."

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