Thursday, May 2, 2013

SEO Joke

An SEO expert walks into a bar, nightclub, tavern, saloon, dive, speakeasy, pub, lounge, honky tonk, roadhouse and orders a beer, brew, lager, ale, stout, cold one, drink, alcohol, liquor, liquid refreshment, intoxicating beverage and notices, spots, sees, looks at, identifies, recognizes, gazes at, surveys, pays attention to, picks up on his radar, stares at, observes a really beautiful woman, lady, gal, chick, female, girl, dame, lass, broad, widow, sweet young thing, opposite sex, floozy, temptress, sister, bimbo, ma'am, flirt, skirt, blonde, vixen, vamp, diva, princess, matron, hot mama, fox, babe.

That was a joke, quip, gag, laugh riot, wisecrack, tomfoolery, jeer, chuckle generator, humorous saying, funny remark, josh, kidding around, tease, jape, spoof, jest, spree, silliness, gambol, verbal frolic, goofy statement, LOL.

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