Monday, July 8, 2013

Marketing Lessons from Bar Rescue

I like to watch Bar Rescue on television, not that I go to bars a lot (almost never, unless they have good food), but I like to see how the consultant operates with his clients, who are mostly antagonistic at first.

On one episode, a lady owned a "pirate bar" that was a total failure for the past 6 years. She looked to be about 40 years old -- and was living in her mom's basement with her husband and 17 year old daughter. Yet she stubbornly refused to see that her "pirate bar" concept was not working. She desperately was clinging to a delusion that she called "being faithful to my dream."

I guess a lot of people cling nonsensically to a delusion and call it a "dream" or "vision" or "goal."

One thing Bar Rescue consultant Jon Taffer recommends to a lot of bars is to simplify and reduce the number of food items on the menu. Have you ever gone to a bar or a restaurant, only to find the menu so many pages, you finally got overwhelmed by all the choices, and ended up ordering something cheap?

This is what people tend to do. Give them too many choices, and they will get frustrated, confused, and will order the least expensive, safest choice.

If you try to position yourself as "doing everything", people will assume you're truly excellent at nothing.

Do a few things in an amazing way. Don't try to be a jack of all trades. Specialize in something, then be astonishing. Nobody can be fantastic at everything.

A menu that features every dish known to man screams one thing: We Suck, So We Try to Cook Everything, in Hopes That Somebody Will Like Something.

Focus. Define yourself, your company, your talents to meet a specific area of need. Then become a bona fide specialist, a genius, an extraordinary artist in that one area. You can have other interests, but have one talent, or a few related skills, that you do exceptionally well and are known for that expertise.

When you fill out an online profile, use the word "The" at the beginning. It makes you seem more famous and successful.

For example, on my profiles, I say "The web content developer, SEO specialist, social media photographer, and techno music composer."

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