Friday, October 4, 2013

greeting a customer who enters your store

When greeting a customer who enters your store, there are 3 basic ways to welcome the customer:

(1) UNCARING/PUSHY: "Hi. Can I help you find something?"

Translation: "I want to get you paired with a product then out of this store as quickly as possible."

(2) UNCARING/LETHARGIC: "How are you doing today? If you have any questions, or need anything, please let me know, okay? Have fun looking around."

Translation: "I'm not really interested in identifying and empathizing with your needs or interests. In fact, the only thing I'll respond to is a question or a request involving an immediate purchase. I'm tired of talking to you now, and bored, so I'm going to retreat back to my comfort zone."

(3) CARING/INVESTIGATIVE: "[OPTIONAL: Welcome to ______________. ] What brings you into the store today?"

Translation: "We're proud of our store. We also want to understand your immediate need, so we can share our expertise and guide you to the best product to solve your problem."

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