Saturday, September 27, 2014

iPhone 6 taco supreme

New at Taco Bell, for a limited time only: The iPhone 6 Taco Supreme.


The ghost of Steven Jobs on the Bendable iPhone 6:

"It's not the phone's fault. It's your fault. User error.

The phone is sturdy. It is a fine American product made in China. It's not flimsy. It's fleeting edge technology.

You're too rough. You're not sitting correctly. Stop wanting to put your cell phone in your pocket. Change your behavior for the sake of the phone. You should buy a hard case for it. Or buy our new Apple Phone Sling to properly holster your iPhone 6.

Quit carrying it around all the time. Be disconnected for a while. Use your iPhone 6 delicately, at home only, never outside your house.

iPhone 7 will be larger, thinner, more brittle. So enjoy what you have now, because it's going to get worse.

End of transmission for Reality Distortion Field."


Here's the post that started the uproar:

I haven't had this much fun since Twitter ruined its 2006 interface. 

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