Friday, May 22, 2015

Google Your Personal or Company Name

Have you Googled your personal name or company lately? What comes up on the first page of search results? Those are the platforms you need to consider putting more content on and updating more frequently.

Here are my Google results for "Steven Streight":

(1) Twitter
(2) GooglePlus
(3) Pluperfecter (my current blog)
(4) LinkedIn
(5) Vaspers the Grate (my old, abandoned blog)
(6) About Me
(7) YouTube
(8) Vimeo
(9) Facebook
(10) InterBusiness Issues
(11) The Peorian
(12) SlideShare
(13) Pinterest
(14) Spokeo
(15) Internet Archive (interview with 49 Media)
(16) Rhizome
(17) SoundCloud
(18) SEO Chat Forums
(19) Peoria Journal Star
(20) Bloomberg BusinessWeek (Heather Green discusses my blog post about the Importance of Taglines)…/2005-…/the-importance-of-taglines

I abandoned Twitter about 5 years ago, but recently started posting tweets again.

GooglePlus is what I use as a bookmark service, since I can search my own content there, unlike Facebook.

Pluperfecter is my personal/business blog dealing with SEO, social marketing, web content, and my music projects.

LinkedIn serves as an online resume and collection of my published articles. I also post updates there to promote links to my blog and to my clients' blogs.

About Me is a nice online presentation of my credentials and articles, which automatically displays each new blog post. It's great for SEO.

YouTube is mostly my music project videos.

Vimeo is an alternative to YouTube. I haven't uploaded a video there for several years.

My Facebook recently went from private to public, for SEO purposes.

I have quite a few articles published at InterBusiness Issues.

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