Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Hidden Value of Lurkers

Lurkers, up to 98% of your Facebook, blog, and website visitors, have a hidden value that will now be revealed to you.

Lurkers are individuals who read or watch what's posted in online forums, blogs, websites, YouTube, and social media -- but they never interact.

They don't click Like. They don't share or post comments on your content. You never hear from them via email, website contact forms, or private messages.

Most lurkers are good people who are too shy, inarticulate, or busy to interact with you online. Some lurkers have been personally attacked by trolls and want to avoid any further trouble.

However, there are also lurkers who are malicious stalkers, snooping around, spying on you, nosey about your life and beliefs.

Other lurkers may be competitors wanting to steal your ideas or exploit your expertise, claiming it as their own.

Some lurkers may quote you on their own internet platform and make fun of, or misinterpret, what you post.

But most lurkers are enjoying your posts. They're part of your silent, secret fan base. They may be sharing your ideas and expertise with other people in the offline world. Lurkers may be personally benefiting greatly from your posts.

Once in a great while, they may even tell you something like "I've been following you for many years now, and want to express my delight in your thoughtful and informative posts."

Don't have negative feelings about the good, benevolent lurkers. They tend to be 90% to 99% of the total Internet user population.

In fact, they might be your biggest, most loyal fans...and doing a lot to promote you, your business, your music and art.

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