Wednesday, July 8, 2009

slackers vs economic recovery

In these troubled economic times, it's time to really look closely at what corporations have been doing wrong, and how to go forward by improving.

Many good workers have been laid off recently. Hordes of unemployed talent wander the streets and alleys, looking for jobs. Don't you think it's time to do the right thing?

Kick the slackers and dysfunctional managers to the curb. There are plenty of loyal, overachieving, passionate potential employees out there. Why put up with managers that can manage their way out of a paper bag? Why put up with slackers who waste time or do personal stuff on company time?

Economic recovery depends largely on eliminating mediocres, lazies, time and office supply thieves, and other malignant coasters who wish to slide easily from paycheck to paycheck. These slackers burden others with work the slackers are clever at avoiding. Mediocre lazies are more prone to be disgruntled, gossipy, whiners, and good at bringing down morale among your good, hard-working employees.

Declare your independence from pampered sloths who care nothing about mission statements, embracing challenge, expanding skills, or learning new ways to satisfy your customers.

Get rid of the inept, the incompetent, the charmers who trick you into letting them get away with things all the time. Honor and reward the work horses. Demand accountability and results, at all levels, based on the impact, not just on profitability, but also on customer-centric objectives.

Improving the passion content of your organization begins, in most cases probably, with better internal communications. When you clarify and enhance the communications within your company, you can't avoid poking a stick in the hornet's nest of mediocrity, concealments, diversions, territorial concerns, office power struggles, and plain old deception.

Do NOT assume that everyone's on the same page, and all trying to accomplish organizational goals. That's naive. You must ferret out the sandbags who are burdening others due to their negligence, inadequacy, and sloth.

Pamper your customers, not your lazy, immature employees.

Honor your passionate workers who are serious about what they do, because as they help the corporation to succeed, they know that their own job security, paycheck, and self-esteem are beneficiaries of their productivity and commitment.

Give deficient workers the training or ultimatums they need, or get rid of them. There are too many great candidates for that job, roaming around at job fairs and job hunt websites.

Your business will appreciate very much.

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