Saturday, October 24, 2009

Twitter is where my main content is posted

Just a heads up to my fans and colleagues who want the most juicy and timely updates. My web usability analysis, social media insights, and anarchist political rants are to be found on Twitter. This micro-blogging platform is where I spend most of my blogging hours.

I whip out my best thinking, in easy to absorb, condensed, 140 character bursts. Late at night I tend to go really wild with it. My best thoughts, my funniest jokes, and tons of relevant links are in my tweets.

Often I let it all hang out on Twitter, then am too tired to re-package my observations and opinions in a proper "blog post" on Pluperfecter. I wish I was better at this. But with the advent of Twitter, slomo (slow motion) blogging is dying. It's because Twitter is faster, easier, and more interactive in real time.

When you say something clever or controversial on Twitter, you typically get an immediate DM (direct message) or @ (reply tweet) from one or more your Followers. This instant gratification aspect of Twitter makes it addictive.

If you gradually build a good list of Followers, by Following smart people at interacting with them so they notice you and Follow you back, you'll have a virtual advisory board of great value.

How do you assemble a valuable list of people to Follow and Followers? Start by going to blogs and websites you like, then look for their "Follow Me on Twitter" link (usually right under their "Follow Me on Facebook" link). Click on it.

In some cases, like my Pluperfecter blog, they'll have a Twitter update display widget you can read recent tweets at and click on to Follow them. But I just now added a big Twitter logo, with clickable link to my Twitter page, near the top of my sidebar.

Get hip. Get competitive advantage. Get on Twitter today.

Click here to read my profile: Steven E. Streight aka Vaspers on Twitter.

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