Sunday, March 14, 2010

domination systems vs social media

Social media is being mocked again.

With all the social unrest and uprisings that we see in the world today, the protests and attempted toppling of repressive regimes, it's no wonder the puppets of the domination systems are attacking social media.

Here we go with another round of "trivial" and "signal-to-noise" and "ROI" and "relevance" yapping, the sharpened barbs meant to injure and demote the public's involvement in online communities. Where sharing and caring are the key pursuits, quite in contrast to what governments, commerce, and institutions wish to inflict upon the people.

"As more people engage in online social interactions, the credibility, value, and relevance go right down the toilet", they seem to say and think.

Credibility? Value? Relevance?

How much of these prized values do we find in the field of the detractors of Social Media?

How great is the content of TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, books, films, video, CDs, mp3s, telephone conversations, and just plain old physically present mouth-to-mouth (or ear?) talking?

When you despise or fear what an entity is doing, you can criticize its overall content. Or categorize the participants by alluding to their weakest members ("just a bunch of weirdos, geeks, and college kids drinking lucid buzz drinks and gobbling pizza, in their pajamas").

We who use and enjoy Social Media often scold fellow participants for being shallow, boring, self-obsessed, hype-driven, mistaken, stupid, or crazy. But we also spent some time and effort learning how to connect with sincere, smart, altruistic, talented people. We focus on providing value -- insights, links, warnings, dreams, hopes, wishes, jokes, tips, videos, images, music, news, opinions -- and paying attention to those who do the same.


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