Thursday, April 1, 2010

Str8 Sounds consolations of sociobiology VIDEO

Str8 Sounds "Bill Knott - the consolations of sociobiology"

I brazenly took my camcorder into a Walmart. Toward the end of the video, you see a manager on a walkie talkie. She was alerting security to my "crime" of running around the store with an "open video camera, and I think he's recording...he's headed toward the toy section right now..."

Such silly paranoia is typical. I film whatever I want, with no consideration of where I am or what is going on. It's my right as an artist to make art out of literally anything that strikes my fancy, though I have ethical values and compassion for all sentient beings, as my fans know quite well.

Two things really annoy and horrify some ultra-sensitive people: writing and filming. Most people seem to hate it. That's not why I do it, though. I do it because I'm drive to create art with whatever is close at hand. With no malicious intent or financial gain in mind, I swing free and you should too.

Try doing your own ethnomethodological experiment.

Go to any bar, party, or group situation. Start writing or videotaping. You'll quickly get people asking what you're doing, are you writing about them, what you intend to do with the final product, etc.

If they can do anything they want in public, then I can write about it or film it.

Thanks for your cooperation.




Mike Johnson said...

Did you run out of the store before security got to you or did you stand your ground like a man?

steven edward streight said...

I did what any manchick would do. I put the palmcorder in my purse, checked in the sunglasses mirror to see if my hair looked good, put on a little fresh lipstick, and stood my ground.

As I stood on an elaborate platform of invisible meta-matrices, a section of realism began to float about 3 inches off the floor, and quickly whisked me out of there in about 2.18287 seconds...before the security fellers could get me.