Friday, April 9, 2010

Positive Affirmations for Extremists

#1 - I will not allow the complacent people around me and that I see on TV dumb down the intensity of my dissent.

#2 - I will not react in anger, ridicule and superiority to expressions of opinion different from my own.

#3 - I will not agree or comply with the consensus belief or practice of my group without subjecting that belief or practice to the scrutiny of my own conscience.

#4 - I will not shun the exposure and condemnation of faults and follies of even my greatest allies.

#5 - I will find something good in what my opponent proposes, and praise that, then suggest a revision of their idea based on what I feel to be improvements that will brin about a mutually desired result.

#6 - I will not despise the personhood of my ideological opponent, nor wish bad things to befall them, but will relentlessly oppose their ideology and its implementation.

#7 - I will focus more on the system that is wrong, and how to fix or replace it, and the ideas that underlie it, than the people who support and work within that system.

#8 - I will not be dismayed, discouraged, or derailed by those who allegedly align with my ideology, but do so in a superficial, selfish, or slovenly manner.

#9 - I will not be dismayed, discouraged, or derailed by traitors, betrayers, or infiltrators.

#10 - I am not dependent on leaders, colleagues, allies, systems, institutions, creeds, party affiliations, celebrities, action teams, or policy makers. I have my own personal agenda and seek only to fulfill it according to what seems the best way and time and place, with or without a league of accomplices.

#11 - I will never use violence, deception, or cruelty to achieve my goals.

#12 - I will not succumb to unprincipled negativity, nor permit misanthropic methodology.


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