Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 new Twitter terms for your glossary

I haven't invented any blogospheric neologisms for quite a while now, so here's some new Twitter terms you can bandy about and inflict on others, displaying how much more hip you are than them or making a point about an important Twitter-related issue.

Twitter is a sub-division of the blogosphere neighborhood in web land on the internet plane of existence. It needs new words crafted specifically for the nutty and beneficial things that transpire there.

The first neologisms, newly minted verbal coinage, for Twitter were tweet (Twitter transmitted message), retweet (to quote another user's message, typically with a link to their account profile page (RT @username blah blah blah), DM (direct message), and the names of the many apps that evolved around the Twitter platform.

(1) fake Trending Topic = when a sponsoring company or celebrity's agent pays Twitter to list them under Trending in the Twitter sidebar, with a Promoted badge attached, but they're not really hot, viral, or "trending", the payment is to make it seem so, by getting Twitter to list them under Trending.

(2) link-list = List of Twitter users, preceded by @s (@username1, @username2, etc.) in a tweet (Twitter message), so others can click on their name & visit their profiles.

key interactors = Twitter users who RT (re-tweet) or DM (direct message) you. To acknowledge and promote them, in appreciation for interacting with you, you can lump them into this one category, then link-list them in a tweet. Many users thank people for RTing them, but it's rare that anyone thanks people for DMing them.

(4) inspirgitator (in-spur'-jit-tay-tur) = inspire + regurgitate. Twitter user who tweets inspirational quotes relentlessly, mixed in with self-promotional, product advertising, or scam opportunity tweets, in order to make you think they're spiritual, ethical, motivational, positive, cheerful, non-misanthropic...but it's all just a hare-brained attempt to trick you into following them and getting their sales hype messages. It's regurgitating because it's the vomiting up of the undigested thoughts of other people, rather than authentic, transparent self-expression, putting a profound, uplifting thought in their own words.

(5) absentee flamer = a Twitter user who did a search on their account, personal, or company name and read a message you tweeted about them, who then replies (@s) you with a snide remark or verbal abuse, then retreats to the safety of the love fest of followers who don't question or critique them, by blocking you or telling you to leave them alone (fear of retaliation) after they've stuck their blade in you.

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