Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SEO and small business VIDEO

My old friend Robert Scoble has an interesting blog post -- "2010: the year SEO isn'nt important anymore?"

"Talking about SEO and Small Business"


It no longer is good enough to be just an SEO expert to get items onto pages like these. You’ve gotta be great at creating content that gets Google’s algorithms to trust it enough to shove it onto these new hybrid pages.


Discussed on the video:

"SEO providers might get you some leads, but you should ask them how much of the budget is going to media. Online small spend commission should be 30%."

"A few hours a week goes to bid management, by real human beings."

"Pay the setup fee, then after 4 months, try to bring down the bid management fee, $500 to $1,500."

"Watch out for competitors who misuse Google Local. One gimmick is to take out multiple PO boxes, IP phone numbers, then pretend they have multiple offices in one area. Big brands are doing this, not just the locksmith category."

"Black hat techniques are not about optimizing a site, but harming the indexing of competitor's sites."

"It's hard for small businesses to calculate ROI (Return on Investment) and keyword lifetime value. They're too busy selling and managing."

"Small business should focus on bounce rate and goal conversion in Google Analytics" ... then draw conclusions about how to optimize your content for the two-fold readership: human visitors and search engine spiders.

Increasingly the two readers want the same things.

"We coach our clients on how to generate tons of good content."

There's no escaping it. When it comes to SEO, content is king, but content is slave to the needs and interests of customers and fans...and presentation is queen.

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