Monday, September 13, 2010

Google Mobilizer version of your blog

When I was writing about QR codes as mobile marketing tools yesterday, I came across an article that gave the code you need to add to your blog URL to create a mobile version of your blog. I used this code a few times, then promptly forgot it. It took me about an hour tonight to track down, in my Firefox browser history file.

Here's the code for the Google Mobilizer version of Pluperfecter:

I will now quote that article for my readers and for my own future reference. This is vital information for all bloggers, since the web is going mobile rapidly.


Most QR Codes you generate will be for sites that do not have user agent switching but fortunately you can still ensure that the mobile user of your QR Code sees an optimized version.

If the site is not under your control then you can use Google’s mobilizer by adding the url to this string:

For example to mobilize the MSN home page:

And that would be the url to use with your QR Code generator.

There are other mobilizers which have their fans such as Skweezer and MobileLeap, try them out and use the one you like the best.

If you are mobilizing your own site such as your blog then there is an even better option which will mobilize your site, generate a QR Code for the mobilized url and keep usage statistics, it’s called Delivr.

Another possibility to consider is Mippin which has an option to include advertising but you must have an RSS feed for it to work.

Whatever you end up doing make sure the user of your QR Code sees content optimized for mobile devices because 99.9% of the time they will be using a camera phone.


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