Sunday, September 19, 2010

Str8 Sounds at ReverbNation

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I just joined ReverbNation as a music artist a few days ago.

Str8 Sounds at ReverbNation.

Already I'm impressed with ReverbNation's user control, usability, design, features, speed, music variety, and online artist community. It's easy to set up your account, easy to juggle things around or delete them, and easy to interact with others.

One drawback is the limited audio file size (8 MB) per song, which can be increased by upgrading to the paid version of this free service. I had to go back into my audio editor and crank out a bunch of lower bit rate mp3s, as low as 98 kbps (or less) in some cases, but I now have tunes on my player from 2 minutes to 40 minutes long.

Next post, I'll talk about bands I've discovered on ReverbNation and enjoy.

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