Thursday, October 7, 2010

ReverbNation Band Art Pt. 1

The ReverbNation music artist community is really friendly, encouraging, and open-minded. It's time to honor some of these bands that I like, and my focus will be on their art.

Slick, exciting, glossy art for bands means one thing: over-produced, over-hyped generic music. Predictable. Boring.

Far better is pseudo-amateur, abstract-catastrophic art. It's got that classic sub-Artforum unpretentious, unassuming aura. It signifies creative nonchalance and the measured outpouring of clinical exuberance.

Here are some of my favorites...with a follow-up post, Pt. 2, coming soon.

"Tears of Summer"

"Liquid Music"


George said...

hello! thank you for including my stuff! interesting post!

Keith The Whiners said...

Long live reverbnation - lots of traction for artists and lots of cool art indeed.