Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Str8 Sounds Anti Music Music ANIMATED VIDEO

"Str8 Sounds Anti Music Music" -- Watch my #1 installment in the Str8 Sounds Composers Forum series of animated social media videos.

Here's how you can promote an electronic computer music composer using lo-tech video cartooning. It only takes a few minutes to make one. What's hard is coming up with a plot and inserting appropriate motions and sound modules into the dialogue.

In this episode: Two robots argue about Str8 Sounds anti music and its validity in the modern art realm or some marginal subsystem of society's lounge-about distress zone. Both robots are sliding into Expire Mode and you can hear them deteriorate.

Fun for the whole radioactive family!

Self Obsessed by str8sounds

Your Gestalt by str8sounds

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