Monday, June 27, 2011

Vaspers interviews DJ Bennett of Killradio PODCAST

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The Aborted Interview with Bennett Theissen

Listen to internet radio with StevenStreight on Blog Talk Radio

The Re-scheduled Interview with Bennett Theissen

Chillroom DJ on

Bennett Theissen began online services working for Rhino Records back in 1995, preparing audio excerpts of new releases for their website.

An expert on artists like Sun Ra, The Beatles, Beach Boys, Mothers of Invention, and Bob Dylan, he was "Dr. Rhino" answering music questions. In 1997 Bennett was part of the low powered pirate radio KBLT-FM in Silver Lake, and his program The Chill Room, a collage radio show, premiered there in 1997. KBLT was shut down by the FCC in 1998.

Bennett has been with since its premiere at the Democratic National Convention in LA in 2000.  In its 11th year streaming, Killradio is one of the longest continually active internet  collective radio stations in the world.  In 2001 Bennett became a continuous news anchor on kill, and he still does the Weekly News in Review (in conjunction with on killradio every week.

Bennett also actively participated in Critical Mass, an attempt to make a network of a group of internet stations back in 2004 and 2005.  But maybe that was too soon!

Bennett's Chill Room shows can be found on the archive page, on his podomatic page, and on at

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