Friday, July 1, 2011

Worst How To Books Ever Published PODCAST

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Join me as I review on my Blog Talk Radio internet radio show "The Worst How To Books Ever Published", deal with a troll who shoots a sissy pistol at me, manage a fidgety robot, and much more.

I share my insights and disgust with such titles as:

* Slightly Positive Affirmations: The Timid Autosuggestion System

* Because I Said So: Human Communication Concepts for Business Managers

* Don't Delegate Golf: How To Keep Underlings Busy So You Can Goof Off

* Shovel Ready Jobs: Your Career As a Grave Digger

* Overhyped, Overbearing and Overbrunched: Radiate Charisma by Being Rude and Obnoxious

* Build Your Dream Home for $1.49

* Advanced Panhandling Techniques in a Sluggish Economy

* We Keep Getting Stranger: A Guide to Asocial Media

* Succeed at Anything by Doing Nothing at All

* I Don't Feel Like It: A Manual for Underachievers,

* You Will Know Them By Their Suits (Not Fruits)

* Sleep and Get Rich

* Be Your Own Butler

* Make Money WIth Childish Art That Poses as Primitive

* Dumbing Down for Dummies: Make People Like You For Being Stupider Than Them.

...with these smash hit songs from government music bands:

Randy the Robot And His Merry Servomechanism Lads "Iron Man with a Soft Heart"

Jaymee Louie And The Porcupine Mystery Tentacles of Uncertain Gloom "Tripping".

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