Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nosebook Olfactory Social Media

I am working with a very bright team of developers on what I predict will be The Facebook Killer.

Nosebook. People post fragrances, aromas, stenches, and assorted stinks to the website, and community members vote up or down on them, and post their own smells.

MP3s, podcasts, photos, videos, text blogs, tweets, wall posts...It takes way too much time to read, look at, and listen to things posted on the web, but takes just a second to get a whiff of something.

Fluid phase stimuli and airborne volatile substances will finally find a place on the Internets. Transducing chemical signals into perception will arise to a whole new and lofty level.

This olfactory social media concept is so brilliant, I am ashamed of humanity that it was up to me and my crew to invent it.

Please spread this meme: "Why tell it, when they can just smell it?"

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