Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chris Pirillo Customer Service Nightmare at Target VIDEO

This video fits in nicely, being published one day after my latest blog post "7 Essential Tips on Improving Customer Service", which itself is a precursor or foretaste of my upcoming article for InterBusiness Issues magazine, entitled "Customer Service: The Achilles Heel of American Business."

I love Chris Pirillo's style of video ranting. He is a very popular geek personality. I interviewed Chris recently on my Blog Talk Radio program: Streight interviews Chris Pirillo, boy genius.

I agree about talking on the phone. I hate it. Especially, as he says, when it's an online problem you're trying to solve.

His list of things he shops for (food items, items for my home, geeky things, goods and services) made me laugh. Like Chris had to explain what he shops for, to prove he is indeed a consumer.

Business owners hope for a miracle, rather than be self-aware and analyze what they're doing wrong.

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