Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Web Presence and Social Media are Dead Without Strategy

Without a Real Strategy, Your "Web Presence" and Social Media Activity are DEAD

Before you jump to the conclusion that I'm saying you don't need a website or a social media campaign, read on. I'm saying you need them -- but not in a static, passive, halfhearted manner.

If you think you a website is mandatory for your organization, but all you need is a simple "web presence", you're entirely wrong. If you think that people need to "find us on the web", this also is incorrect. Or better: it's not nearly enough.

Once people find you, then what? Nothing, that's what. Unless you have clear intentions and easy tools that engage people to do what you need them to do.

Some organizations think they should be "on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube", but again, this is only partially true. From this day forward, please banish the following phrases: "Check us out on Facebook", "we've got a website", and "we're doing social media".

Why am I so harsh about this?

Because most websites are frozen lumps of impersonal corporate fluff.

And most organizations use Facebook to post boring, sporadic, infrequent updates on "company news", "special deals", and "newly acquired business".

This is not a strategy. It's a mediocre mission statement.

A website should work as hard as you do. It needs to be dynamically interactive and feature multiple functionalities.

It needs to sell products, generate income, solicit donations, sign people up for newsletters, enlist volunteers, clarify a misconception, champion a cause, get signatures on a petition, or whatever your mission critical goals are.

A social media marketing campaign includes photos, videos, how to tips, links to valuable information, sharing expertise, interacting with others, blog article promotions, product selection advice, relevant news in other media, and much more.

Anybody can set you up with a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, and YouTube account.

Anybody can build you a simple website that people can stare at once and never return.

What you need is a hard-nosed business specialist who knows how to make that website and social media platform accomplish your organization's objectives.

"Sales are great now, all we need is a web presence."

"We have plenty of investors and sponsors, we just want to periodically update people about what we're doing and how they can get involved."

Oh really?

Have you noticed the businesses that have gone bankrupt recently? Where is that store you used to love? Where are college grads lining up for employment?

No. Times are tough and getting tougher. Only the strong will survive. Your business is threatened. Your organization is facing impending doom.

Get your act together. Snap out of the muddled viewpoint. Pay attention to how savvy competitors are racing ahead of you.

If you need help devising a web and social media strategy with smart implementation to generate fast and steadily increasing results....

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Frances J. Raymond said...

Actually, in everything that we do, we really need to think carefully and comprehensively to be able to succeed in what were doing. This is already a given fact. ;)