Sunday, June 3, 2012

Arts Partners of Central Illinois Oct. 2012 Promotion

Our marketing campaign for "All About the Arts: The Arts Are Everywhere", spearheaded by Suzette Boulais and Arts Partners of Central Illinois, has reached all the way to the heights of the nation's leadership.

Soon we will reveal the honorable dignitaries involved -- but for now, consider joining us if you're a business that appreciates and supports The Arts in your home town.

CONTACT ME NOW -- if you want to participate in the month long marketing campaign, coinciding with the Grand Opening of the Peoria Riverfront Museum, all through October 2012.

This is a HUGE opportunity for YOUR business to be associated with elite innovators and leaders in the arts and society. The advertising exposure for YOUR company will be of super high prestige and visibility.

This campaign and associated events will be what everybody's talking about in October. Don't miss this opportunity. ACT IMMEDIATELY. Slots are filling up fast. We have room for just a few more businesses, then the door will be shut.

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