Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shoe Spam on Facebook (again)

Shoe spam is being distributed on Facebook again. Delete it when it shows up on your wall.

Spammers are trying to use your FB wall as a free advertising billboard and you don't get a penny of the profits. Plus, they're doing it without your permission. And -- the links under the shoe photos could be going to virus, phishing, and other malicious sites.

What happens is a spammer will upload a photo, typically of cool looking Nike tennis shoes to their own wall.

They tag the photo with names of people on Facebook that they target as spam victims. This makes the shoe spam photo appear on your FB wall, without your permission or awareness, if you have your settings configured that anybody can post things to your wall (not a good idea). It's a notorious and effective way to spam a lot of Facebook users without much effort.

What makes this malevolent tactic even worse is when unsuspecting friends start posting comments like "Cool sneakers" or "I want a pair" and so forth. This comment activity helps the spam post seem legitimate and it lures your other friends into the spam trap.

God help you if a lot of your family and friends on Facebook get sucked into this, click on the links, go to a phishing site, and end up with their FB accounts hacked or become the victims of identity theft. They will blame it on you.

If you meet it, delete it.

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