Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rude Intrusions on Facebook: Relentless Game Invites and App Requests

Do you get multiple game invites and app requests on Facebook, from the same person? This is very rude and intrusive. Why would anyone keep sending these to you, when it's obvious you don't intend to respond?

It's like a recent weirdo in our town who is going around door to door selling "educational toys". When people tell him they're not interested, and shut the front door on him, he tends to bang on their windows. Belligerent behavior and annoyingly aggressive, pushy attempts to persuade always backfire.

So why would anyone keep sending you game invitations and application requests on Facebook, over and over again? You have not accepted them, thus you do not wish to join them in whatever "fun" they think they're having on these apps.

But still they send them to you. You keep getting these Facebook notifications that Billy Doofus has "sent you a request on Between You and Me". Kathy Summer Salt has "sent you a request on Bumper Stickers." On and on, they keep coming, with no regard for the fact that you are not responding to these requests.

I blocked someone on Facebook recently who was gleeful about sadistically "spamming my FB friends with game invites" as retaliation. A few friends asked her to stop sending invites, so she had a hissy fit and is sending them more often now, just to annoy those who had the nerve to ask her to stop.

Facebook games and apps are basically time wasters that contribute nothing of enduring value to anyone's life. 

Between You and Me
Birthday Calendar 2012
Angry Birds
Mafia Wars
Texas Holdem Poker
Bubble Witch Saga
Hidden Chronicles
Diamond Dash
Tetris Battle
Bumper Sticker
Pieces of Flair
Super Wall
Pirates vs. Ninjas

... if someone fails to respond and accept your Facebook game invite or app requests, why not be polite and leave them alone?

It's the civilized thing to do.

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