Sunday, September 2, 2012

Digital Peoria online magazine Issuu prototype

Here;s a quick mock-up of the Digital Peoria online magazine concept: art, photography, fiction, and all things creative in the Peoria IL area. I brought some material together to demonstrate how this platform could be used.

If you're interested in showcasing your creative work in an online magazine format, CONTACT ME.

Digital Peoria will supplement the Peoria Life online magazine. Your personal artistic work can be displayed in Digital Peoria. Your "stories about living in Peoria" belong in Peoria Life.

How To View Digital Peoria:

(1) Operate the embedded version at the top of this post by clicking on "Expand".

(2) Click on "Click To Read" for Full Screen View. Click on Escape button to leave Full Screen View.

(3) Click on a page to make it larger. Or scroll wheel up and down to change the size of a page of the magazine. Or move the sizing tool slider from left to right.

(4) Click on > and < arrows to turn the pages.

(5) By moving your cursor around on the page, you bring different areas of the page into the center of your computer screen, for better viewing. This helps as you enlarge the view.

You have great control over how large the view of any page is, so you can easily read text and see images. It's easy to operate this online magazine, because it has redundant controls (multiple options) and intuitive user interface design.

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