Sunday, August 25, 2013

Zoom In On Your Customers

Be customer-centric.

Not we-oriented.

Zoom in on those who buy your products.

The closer you can get to them,
the better your product will be,
with smarter advertising
and more effective SEO.

Make your website and social media
be channels for expressing
and proving your expertise.

Share insights and tips.

Provide answers to common questions.

Demonstrate your superiority.

Become the Top of Mind Choice.

Establish credibility
by giving out good information
that helps others succeed
and think of you as the expert.

That's how you leverage social branding.

Talk about customer problems,
needs, dreams, demands....

and how your product is the star of that show.

Your product is the answer.
And you know the question.

Because you zoom in on your customer.

You spend time listening to them,
in real life and on social media.

You enjoy having conversations
about the problems your products
can solve, because your customers
need you to be that committed and zealous.

Look at your product
through the eyes of
those who have a need
the product can fill.

Then make all your marketing
and PR communications
be unified in these sales psychologies.

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