Friday, May 2, 2014

25 Types of Images Females Should Stop Posting

RantChic has a list of "25 Pictures Girls Need to Stop Posting on Social Media."

I won't link to it, because it's one of those horrid slide shows (used by marketers to increase page/ad views).

Are you a female who is hooked on these trendy social media picture uploadings?

1. sunsets

2. laying out in the sun legs

3. alcoholic drinks (with ‪#‎beerthirty‬ type hash tags)

4. pets

5. children

6. OOTD Outfit of the Day

7. selfies (invented by the NSA to obtain current photos of innocent civilians)

8. cell phone text conversations

9. selfies with pets

10. airplane wings

11. clouds

12. mirror pics

13. nail salon fingernail jobs

14. feet in the sand

15. fortune cookies slips

16. barista coffee art

17. fireworks

18. holding hands

19. eyes close up (or anybody's face in extreme close up)

20. driving in your car

21. gym selfie

22. Starbucks Venti Mocha Frapps

23. music listened to on Pandora or Spotify

24. body with no head shots

25. inspirational or smart-ass quotes

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