Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Komatsu Renovation and LeTourneau Steel House

Some Komatsu buildings are coming down – and a beautiful view of the Illinois river is coming up.

Those old brownish red former Avery Tractor structures on Adams Street are being torn down to make way for a lovely scenic spot that will let people look out on the river. You'll be able to enjoy a snack at the Ice Cream Shack while enjoying a river view. 

This is the part of Averyville where the LeTourneau company built earth-moving and mining machines using Caterpillar engines, a business that was sold to Westinghouse Air Brake Company (WABCO) for $25 million.

The structures targeted for removal have appeared to be past their prime for quite a while now, but there is a unique historic treasure hidden in their midst. 

An R.G. LeTourneau steel house, preserved and converted into an office by Komatsu, will not be demolished. The Central Illinois Landmarks Foundation, in cooperation with Komatsu, is looking for a home for this LeTourneau building, a place where it can be preserved and exhibited to the public.

Old LeTourneau steel house
behind MaxFit 360 Fitness Center
201 Spring Street, Peoria, IL.

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