Sunday, June 29, 2014

Facebook Top Stories vs. Most Recent

I knew something was horribly wrong when I kept seeing the same old posts. 

Oh, now I see -- Facebook has once again forced me back into News Feed >Top Stories, which ruins your experience. I had to revert back to my preference of News Feed > Most Recent.

This reverting back to what I do NOT prefer, forcing me to see the same old posts over and over again (and making me think nobody's posting anything all day long) -- is Anti User. When a user configures a setting, it should stay that way, not keep reverting back to what you don't want.

How many Facebook users are not savvy enough to even know that the reason they keep seeing the same old posts is because they've been switched to Top Stories? Some people may think there's something wrong with Facebook, or nobody's posting anything -- and then conclude that Facebook is boring and it's time to move on to something more dynamic.

Now that Facebook is coercing users into what they hate (Top Stories), we shall see how this impacts ad revenues, user engagement, and popularity of platform.

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